Beijing China

October, 2023


Meetings and Activities

Formal Meeting

Formal meetings will include keynote speeches, technical sessions, exhibitions/posters and two dinners (welcome dinner and closing dinner). The host consortium will invite several top scholars and experts worldwide in the field of geothermal energy to present reports, and set up about 15 technical sessions with different topics.

Detailed information will be updated soon.

Activities and Programmes

A variety of activities will be organized during the World Geothermal Congress, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Keynote Sessions, Technical Sessions, Poster Sessions, Side Events, Field Trips, etc.

Detailed information will be updated soon.

Short-term Training

Before the formal meeting, there will be 2-day pre-conference short courses and seminars with at least 7 themes covering geothermal drilling, geothermal project management, hydrothermal geothermal resource utilization, geothermal policy analysis, etc.

Detailed information will be updated soon.

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