Beijing – Xiong’an Geothermal Field Trip

Located at the hinterland of Baoding, Hebei province, Xiong’an New Area is a state-level development area with millennial and national significance. The establishment of Xiong’an New Area is a major step taken by the Communist Party of China with Xi Jinping as the core to promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In 2009, Sinopec Group started geothermal projects in Xiongxian, and developed a “Xiongxian Model” for geothermal utilization with Xiongxian government featuring “government-enterprise cooperation, market-based operation, unified development, technological advancement, environmental protection and people’s benefits”. It has built Xiongxian into China’s first geothermal heating “zero-emission” city, and contributed to the high-standard and high-quality development of Xiong’an New Area as well as the fulfillment of China’s “Dual Carbon” target.

Sep. 18

08:40 Take a coach at CNCC;

10:50 Arrive at Rongcheng;

11:00 Visit the Planning and Demonstration Center of Xiong’an New Area;

14:30 Visit Rongdong No.4 Energy Station of Xiong’an Intelligent Energy company;

15:00 Travel to Xiongxian and visit Sinopec Star’s geothermal exhibition hall, Sinopec Green Energy’s smart district heating control center, Rencai Jiayuan Heat Central Project (1 of the first standardized geothermal showcase projects in China, 508k sqm capacity) and Integrated Energy Station Project of Sci-Tech Innovation Center Pilot Test Base (the first clean energy utilization showcase project in Xiong’an New Area);

17:30 Back to Hotel;

As of now, total geothermal heating capacity in Xiongxian has reached nearly 8 million sqm. Accumulatively, it has replaced 960k tons of standard coal, and reduced 2.52 million tons of CO2 and 2.31 tons of SO2 emission, which is equal to planting 840k trees.

Sep. 19

Travel to Fengtai District, Beijing, by coach and visit Nangong World Geothermal Expo Park. It is the only geothermal exposition park in China that combines exercising, health care, sight-seeing, fruit-picking, entertainment and public education.


Xiong’an New Area, an area of millennial and national significance;

Xiongxian, the 1st geothermal heating “zero-emission city” in China;

Sinopec Green Energy, the largest middle- and deep-layer geothermal development and utilization enterprise in China;

Nangong World Geothermal Expo Park.



1 guide Chinese + English bilingual guide RMB 1080/person
2 vehicle 37 seats
3 Tickets Tickets
4 Meal 50 RMB/person/meal
5 Accommodation Four-star, one person one room
6 Accident insurance Accident insurance
7 Flight or high-speed train Discounted fare


1. The registration period is until August 25, 2023.

2. The minimum number in the group is 20. If the number is less than 20 till the deadline, the route will be cancelled. And the organizer will notify those persons at least 7 days before the field trip begins. and refund all the fees collected.

3. If the participant cancels the order from 30 to 20 days before departure, the penalty will be 50% of the total cost of the scientific expedition; 80% from 20 to 15 days before departure; 100% from 15 to the day of departure.


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