Technical Programme

About the Congress

TheWorld Geothermal Congressis the premier global geothermal event scheduled every three years and has the purpose to convene the leaders of industry, academia, finance sector, governments, NGO’s and communities to collaborate and provide thoughtful solutions for a sustainable society. In 2023, the Congress is scheduled to take place in Beijing, China.

Technical Programme

For the Technical Programme, the International Geothermal Association (IGA) has set up a Technical Committee consisting of26 members, chaired by the IGA Executive Director Dr. Marit Brommer.


Themes and Topics

The review team has selected oral and poster presentation. Please subscribe to the IGA or follow the IGA on social media channels, to learn where the next World Geothermal Conference will be.

The paper submission phase ended on 31st January 2023 and our review team is now reviewing more than 960 papers. Authors who have submitted papers could review the state via https://technicalprogramme.wgc2023.com/openconf.php

Marit Brommer (Chair) & Gregor Rumberg (Co-Chair)

International Geothermal Association
E-Mail: technical-programme@wgc2023.com
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