Closer Ties developed between OC and SC in the 4th OC-SC Joint Meeting

On March 24, 2022,the 4th OC-SC Joint Meeting was held online in Beijing.

Mr. Guo Xusheng, Chair of CNGEC (China National Geothermal Energy Center) Deputy Chief Geologist of Sinopec Corp., Member of China Academy of Engineering chaired the meeting and gave a speech. Ms. Andy Blair, the President of IGA, Dr. Marit Brommer, the Executive Director of IGA, Mr. Pang Zhonghe, Deputy Chair of CNGEC attended the meeting online.

Mr. Tan Xiaoping, Deputy Managing Director of International Cooperation Department of Sinopec Group, Mr. Han Zhiguo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President of Sinopec Star, Mr. Guo Dianbin, Vice President of Sinopec Star attended the meeting onsite and introduced the progress of preparatory work. 

Mr. Guo Xusheng said that as the technical committee is running efficiently, great progress has been made in the call for abstract, the modification of the conference plan, official website updates, exhibitions and sponsorship as well as the host venue negotiation.

Guo Xusheng sincerely invited IGA board members to China and hold a broad meeting here, and he also welcomed IGA board members carry out on-site inspection tour to venues of opening and closing ceremonies, sessions and exhibitions, experiencing non-technical events in China. Meanwhile, he invited the SC members to attend and address the 2022 China International Geothermal Forum.

Andy Blair expressed appreciations for efforts made by OC and the supports given by Sinopec Group, and the SC is fully confident of holding a successful Congress.

Issues regarding planning of opening and closing ceremonies and keynote reports, option vision of WGC2023 as well as the budget adjustments have been discussed on the meeting.