The 2nd Plenary Session of WGC Organizing Committee and the Annual Meeting 2023 of China National Geothermal Energy Center Successfully Held in Beijing

The 2nd Plenary Session of WGC Organizing Committee and the Annual Meeting 2023 of China National Geothermal Energy Center was successfully held in Beijing summarizing annual work of CNGEC and plan the work ahead in preparing for WGC2023.

Mr. Ren Jingdong, chief administrator of National Energy Administration of China attended and gave speech at the meeting. Mr. Liu Hongbin, senior VP and president of WGC2023 OC attended and addressed the meeting. Mr. Guo Xusheng, deputy chief geologist, vice president of WGC2023 OC and director of CNGEC TC made a report on the preparations for WGC2023. Mr. Dang Liqiang, deputy director and secretary-General of the Steering Committee of CNGEC, Executive director and president of Sinopec Star made a report on the work of CNGEC. Mr. Liu Shiliang, deputy director and secretary general of the CNGEC TC and vice president of Sinopec Star, presided over the meeting. Mr. Han Zhiguo and Mr. Guo Dianbin, as leaders of Sinopec Star attended the meeting.

Mr. Ren Jingdong pointed out that the Chinese government has taken into account both the domestic and international imperatives and made a major strategic plan to take active and prudent steps toward the goal of peaking carbon dioxide and achieving carbon neutrality. Geothermal energy is large in reserve and widely-distributed, stable and reliable new energy. Pushing forward geothermal development and utilization based on our energy resource endowment is important to a well-planned and phased way forward to reach peak carbon emissions. Geothermal energy, with its abundant reserve and huge potential to utilization will play an important role in green and low carbon development of our social-economic development. Now with tight schedule ahead, OC should take concrete measures to turn our preparation plans into action to host a high-level WGC2023, and fully show our endeavors in dual carbon goals to show China’s sense of responsibility as major countries.

Mr. Liu Hongbin put forward that 2023 is a crucial year to host WGC2023 and geothermal industry is embracing great opportunity, WGC2023 OC and CNGEC will make concerted effort to host a successful WGC2023 with Chinese characteristics and world-level. WGC2023 OC will actively deliberate on and participate as policy advisors to support geothermal development, take effort in technological R&D and contribute to establish pilot projects so as to improve the influence of geothermal industry and advance scientific, healthy and ordered development of geothermal energy.

In Mr. Dang Liqiang’s report, he pointed out as the national team for geothermal development of China, CNGEC shall take the leading role to integrate the resources in this sector in China to involve national and regional geothermal planning, and take the lead in establishing standard, granting qualifications, training talents to promote the high quality development of geothermal industry.

The meeting readjusted and added members to the steering committee and TC of CNGEC, published the member list to China Geothermal Heating Club for Companies with Heating Area Exceeding One Million M2. 20 companies including Sinopec Star Green Energy Geothermal Development Co., Ltd., Companies Hebei Green Spring Geothermal Energy Company and Huaqing Geothermal Development Corporation were listed as Club members.

Mr. Ren Jingdong presented certificates to new members of CNGEC, and Mr. Liu Hongbin presented certificates to members of China Geothermal Heating Club.

Academicians, representatives of geothermal organizations and specialists who attended the meeting have discussed and give comments to work of CNGEC and WGC2023 OC.