WGC2023 SC-OC Held the Eighth Joint Meeting

The WGC2023 SC-OC 8th joint meeting was held via video link on March 16.

Han Zhiguo, Deputy Head of the Comprehensive Coordination team of WGC2023 OC, Deputy Director of the Technical Committee of the National Geothermal Energy Center and Vice President of Sinopec Star Petroleum Company, and Andy Blair, President of the IGA, co-chaired the meeting. Marit Brommer, Secretary General of IGA, the representatives from Development & Planning Depart. (New Energy Office), International Cooperation Dept., Exhibition Management, Materials & Equipment Dept. Of Sinopec Group and Geothermal Industry Association attended the meeting.

Mr. Han Zhiguo noted that the SC and OC stayed in close contact on the preparation of the Congress, we revised the operation running table and timeline of WGC2023, optimized the technical program, short courses designs and discussed the budget, sponsorship and exhibition packages, and the website management. All preparations are well underway in a paced and phased manner, laying solid foundations for a successful WGC2023.

Andy Blair expressed her appreciation to the OC for their diligence and solid efforts in the preparations and hoped that the two sides could work together to promote the preparation for the Congress with high quality and further improve the keynote report, welcome dinner as well as other matters, and she believes that with the joint efforts from domestic and international geothermal communities, the WGC2023 would be a great success.