Henan is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. In the 5000-year history of Chinese civilization, Henan has been the political, economic and cultural center of the country for more than 3,000 years. More than 200 emperors of 20 dynasties have ruled in this city. There are four of the eight ancient capitals of China in Henan, including Luoyang-the ancient capital of nine dynasties, Kaifeng-the ancient capital of seven dynasties, Anyang-the ancient capital of YinShang, and the Shang capital, Zhengzhou.Henan is rich in geothermal resources, sandstone thermal reserves are widely distributed.

Sep. 18: To take the high-speed train from Beijing West Railway Station at 9am, and arrive at Zhengzhou, Henan. After lunch, we will visit Lankao Geothermal Heating Project. Lankao County is one of the first counties in Henan Province to develop and utilize geothermal energy for heating. Ten heat exchange stations have been completed, and 2.02 million square meters of heating capacity has been built. After that, we will visit the last bend of the Yellow River - the Yellow River Bay Scenic Area in Dongbatou, Lankao County.

Sep. 19: We will go to Zhongmu County and visit Inspection of Zhengzhou Zhongmu Geothermal Energy Port Project. The project adopts the "Geothermal+" design concept, which organically combines geothermal energy and other clean energy sources to achieve the effect of “electricity from the sky, heat from the ground, heat extraction from the air and heat storage across seasons" with multiple complementary energy sources and efficient utilization. After lunch, we will visit the "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base-The Millennium City Park, which recreates the bustling Bianjing City.

Sep. 20: Visit Songshan World Geopark and World Cultural Heritage in Dengfeng City. Songshan Global Geopark shows the rock stratigraphic sequence of five geological periods in succession, and was awarded the first "World Geopark" title. The Shaolin Temple and other historic buildings "between heaven and earth" are the ancient architectural complexes with the longest span of time, the largest number of architectural types and the richest cultural connotations in China, and have been included in the World Heritage List.

Sep. 21: We will take the high-speed train back to Beijing at 9am..


Henan Province——an important birthplace of Chinese civilization

Geothermal heating has formed large-scale continuous demonstration effect

Songshan World Geopark

Shaolin Temple and other world cultural heritage sites



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1. The registration period is until August 25, 2023.

2. The minimum number in the group is 20. If the number is less than 20 till the deadline, the route will be cancelled. And the organizer will notify those persons at least 7 days before the field trip begins. and refund all the fees collected.

3. If the participant cancels the order from 30 to 20 days before departure, the penalty will be 50% of the total cost of the scientific expedition; 80% from 20 to 15 days before departure; 100% from 15 to the day of departure.


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