I. Parallel Sessions Overview

II. Time

Sep. 15th 13:30 - Sep. 17th 15:15

III. Location

10 meeting rooms on the 3rd floor of CNCC, including 301AB, 302AB, 303AB, 305, 306A, 306B, 307A, 307B, 308, 310

IV. Participates

All registered participants. Guest passes, which are delivered at the sign-desk, are needed to be shown at the entrance of every parallel session

V. Session Chairs

The session chairs have been selected by the Technical Committee from the registered participants, the specific name list will be released recently.

VI. Notes for Parallel Sessions

1. Checking information

Before the parallel sessions start, oral speakers should visit the official website or check email to confirm the time and location of presentation.

2. Submission and review of presentation files

1)Only PPT, PPTx and PDF are available presentation files format, and the WGC2023 PPT template are provided for reference.

2)From Sep. 14th, oral speakers should upload the presentation files offline in the Speaker Read Room of CNCC at least 4 hours before presentation. Note that copying way is not supported in the session room.

3)The available time of Speaker Ready Room is shown below:

Sep. 14th 8:30-21:00; Sep. 15th 7:00-18:00;

Sep. 16th 7:00-18:00; Sep. 17th 7:00-13:30

3. Presentation Issues

1)Please enter the room at least 15 minutes before the parallel session starts.

2)The front row of session rooms will be arranged for chairs and speakers, please sit in the designated area. The rest can be seated freely for participants.

3)The presentation duration is suggested within 12 minutes, and Q&A duration could to be flexibly controlled by session chairs according to the on-site situation. In order not to interfere with other speakers, it is recommended to rehearse the speech in advance to ensure that it could be completed within the specified time.

4)If the oral speaker is absent or late, the subsequent report or alternate report will be given in turn.


In all parallel sessions, presentations must be given in English, both in oral or written ways.