I. Poster Exhibition Overview

II. Location

North Foyer and Park View Foyer on the 3rd floor of CNCC (as shown below)

Poster Exhibition Location Plan (purple areas are the poster display boards)

III.Exhibition Time

All posters will be on exhibition for three days during WGC2023 (15-17). According to the Technical Programme published on the official website, during the four tea breaks, it is arranged communication and interaction for posters of the different tracks above. The corresponding poster authors should check the time and get themselves ready in advance.

Sep. 15th 15:15-15:45

Sep. 16th 10:00-10:30、15:15-15:45

Sep. 17th 10:00-10:30

IV. Participates

All registered participants.

V. Notes for Poster Exhibition

1. Poster size

The recommended poster size is 90cm*120cm. Here isWGC2023 poster template just for reference.

2. Putting up posters

Posters can be put up from 13:00 to 17:00 on Sep. 14th (Beijing time) according to the exhibition tracks and poster number. It is not recommended to put up posters after WGC2023 open.

3. Printing

The Organizing Committee recommends that poster authors print their own posters and bring to congress to put them up. If the authors would need to print the poster on site, please send the PDF version of poster to host@wgc2023.com before 17:00 on Sep. 10th for application and use "poster printing + author's name" as the subject of the email. Authors can receive the posters after paying the fee at sign-up place of WGC2023 on Sep. 14th. The poster size is 90cm*120cm and the material is photo cloth using spray painting, which costs CNY 70 per sheet (excluding the design fee and other fees).

4. Language

The written language of the poster must be English.