Yunnan has significant geothermal anomalies, with the number of hot springs accounting for about 28% of the total in China, ranking first in the country. The number of high-temperature hydrothermal systems is second only to Tibet. High temperature geothermal manifestations such as hydrothermal explosions, geysers, boiling springs, steaming ground, and fumaroles can be found in this area, and the reservoir temperature can exceed 250 ℃. The Tengchong geothermal belt is the region with the strongest hydrothermal activity in Yunnan, located at the southern end of the Hengduan Mountains and the western foot of the Gaoligong Mountains. Since the Late Cenozoic, volcanic activity has been frequent in the geothermal belt, with volcanic rock covering an area of over 1000 km2. The adjacent Dali area is located in the combining part of the tectonic system, with strong main fault activity in each tectonic system, forming a pattern of geothermal resource development and utilization with Eryuan and Midu as key areas.

Sep. 18. Depart from Beijing and fly to Dali. Check in at the hotel.

Sep. 19: At 8:30 a.m., we left the hotel to Eryuan to visit the Dali Geothermal kindom and the Cibihu Wetland Park. Dali Geothermal Kindom is a leisure and vacation tourism scenic area characterized by hot spring spa culture, with beautiful and pleasant scenery. Just next to Dali Geothermal Kindom, a beautiful piece of water, is other place we want to visite, Cibihu Wetland Park. The lake is the main source of water for Erhai Lake and it was named after a amount of Water Lilies living in it. After lunch, we will visit the Dali ancient city. Dali ancient city is the former site of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom, presenting the splendid history and culture of the ancient capital of Dali for thousands of years.

Sep. 20. At 9:30 am, we will depart from the hotel to visit the Erhai Ecological Corridor. The Erhai Ecological Corridor covers over 790 hectares of ecological restoration and wetland construction, 129 kilometers of ecological corridors around the lake, and several environmental monitoring stations. It reflects the exhortation given by president Xi Jinping that we must protect Erhai and take it seriously. In the afternoon, we will take a bus to Tengchong and end our trip in Dali.

Sep. 21. At 8:30 am, we will depart from the hotel to the Rehai Geopark, to visit geothermal landscapes such as high-temperature hot springs, boiling springs, relics of hydrothermal explosions, hydrothermal alteration, and fumaroles. Rehai Geopark is the area with the most concentrated geothermal manifestations in Tengchong, gathering a large number of high-temperature hot springs and gas springs. It is famous for its geothermal wonders and is known as the "Geothermal Museum". After lunch, we will go to the Volcanic Geopark to visit large numbers of late Cenozoic volcanic rocks found in this area, including olivine basalt, pyroxene andesite, rhyolite andesite, hornblende andesite, harzburgite basalt, olivine bearing basalt, etc. The Vocalnic Geopark has a sound infrastructure and complete service functions nowadays. It is a comprehensive geological park integrating tourism, popularization of science and research, spa, and physical therapy.

Sep. 22. The whole trip ends. We will take a bus to Dali at 8 am, and after lunch, return to Beijing by plane.


Yunnan is the province with the most hot springs;

Rehai is a rare geothermal system with magmatic heat source in China;

The Volcanic Geopark is a comprehensive national geological park;

Dali ancient city is the former site of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom;

The Dali Geothermal Kingdom is a famous hot spring health base.



1 guide Chinese + English bilingual guide RMB 10225/person
2 vehicle 37 seats
3 Tickets Tickets
4 Meal 50 RMB/person/meal
5 Accommodation Four-star, one person one room
6 Accident insurance Accident insurance
7 Flight or high-speed train Discounted fare


1. The registration period is until August 25, 2023.

2. The minimum number in the group is 20. If the number is less than 20 till the deadline, the route will be cancelled. And the organizer will notify those persons at least 7 days before the field trip begins. and refund all the fees collected.

3. If the participant cancels the order from 30 to 20 days before departure, the penalty will be 50% of the total cost of the scientific expedition; 80% from 20 to 15 days before departure; 100% from 15 to the day of departure.


1. Please do not purchase items without quality assurance privately, if direct economic losses are caused to guests, guests shall bear the consequences.

2. Please pay attention to your own personal safety and financial security, be sure to keep your ID card (passport) and wallet separately, if the guest misses the flight,train or bus due to his or her own reasons, the guest shall bear all the consequences;

3. Due to the geographical restrictions of the Yunnan Plateau, there are many mountain roads. People with motion sickness could prepare motion sickness medicine in advance. Ultraviolet rays in Yunnan are strong, and temperature difference between day and night is great. Please do protection.

4. If some destination is canceled due to force majeure factors such as weather, or if guests voluntarily abandon the visit, tickets and transportation expenses will not be refunded.