World Geothermal Congress 2023

On April 27, 2019, the national geothermal energy center signed an agreement with the geothermal Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society, the geothermal Professional Committee of China Geological Society, the geothermal development management professional committee of China Mining Federation and the geothermal Professional Committee of China Geophysical Society (hereinafter referred to as the four industry associations) to form a bid consortium, Jointly bid for the 2023 world geothermal conference.

On November 28, 2019, Sinopec, relying on the representatives of the geothermal community of the national geothermal energy center, formed a joint team and went to Auckland, New Zealand to make a competitive defense, which stood out among the United States, Russia, Italy, Hungary and other countries, and finally won the right to host the 2023 conference.

1. Steering Committee

As the convener of the meeting, IGA organizes and establishes a steering committee, which is composed of IGA chairman, vice chairman, financial chairman and directors. IGA chairman serves as the chairman of the steering committee. The chairman of the steering committee is the official liaison with the Organizational Committee on matters relating to wgc2023. Each steering committee member should maintain close contact with one or more Organizational Committee members.

The members of the wgc2023 Steering Committee are:

Chair SC: Mr Sylvain Broglé

SC Member: Sedef Karagoz

SC Member: Patrick Hanson

SC Member: Bjarni Palsson

SC Member & Chair Technical Programme: Marit Brommer

SC Member & Co Chair Technical Programme: Gregor Rumberg

The steering committee is responsible for planning and formulating technical meeting arrangements, auxiliary activity arrangements, short-term courses and subsidy plans, reviewing, revising and accepting budgets and master plans and their revisions, and giving other relevant suggestions related to the creation and management of the 2023 world geothermal conference when required by the Organizational Committee.

2. Organizational Committee

The organizer organizes the establishment of wgc2023 Organizational Committee, which is composed of personnel designated by the organizer and is responsible for the preparation, management and holding of meetings. The chairman of the organizing committee is the designated person to contact IGA on all matters related to the 2023 world geothermal conference.

The wgc2023 organizing committee is composed of national geothermal energy center, four major industry associations, Sinopec Group, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and institutions and specially invited representatives.

The organizing committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the relevant agenda of the 2023 world geothermal conference, including opening ceremony, closing ceremony, formal technical meeting (including Poster Exhibition), keynote speech, arrangement of auxiliary activities, exhibition of geothermal products and services, short courses with at least four themes, six field investIGAtion routes related to geothermal, cultural and social activities, arrangement of sponsor activities Activity arrangement of accompanying personnel. Among them, the opening and closing ceremonies, on-site visits, exhibitions, social and cultural activities, and the activity arrangements of the entourage are entirely planned and managed by the Organizational Committee.

3. Host

China National Geothermal Energy Center

4. Organizer

China Petrochemical Corporation

5. Co-organizers

Geothermal Committee of China Energy Research Society

Geothermal Committee of Geological Society of China

Geothermal Development Management Committee of China Mining Association

Geothermal Committee of Chinese Geophysical Society

6. Supported by

China National Petroleum Corporation

China National Offshore Oil Corporation

China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corporation

7. Vision

Geothermal is the messenger of cleanliness. Geothermal development and utilization is an activity to improve the natural environment and improve the quality of life. The 2023 world geothermal conference will create a strong academic exchange environment and a wide range of business cooperation opportunities to jointly promote the vigorous development of world geothermal.

In 2023, the world geothermal conference will invite the world's top experts and scholars in the field of geothermal to make a thematic report, and experts and scholars from all over the world will gather together to fully exchange and share the cutting-edge technologies of geothermal development and utilization; Invite business people in the industry to negotiate and exchange, expand business opportunities, and deeply explore the needs of geothermal development and utilization industry at home and abroad; At the same time, through the influence of the world geothermal conference, guide all sectors of society to pay extensive attention, promote the full combination of geothermal technology, industrial demand and commercial resources, and contribute to the development of the world geothermal industry.

8. Objectives

Beijing 2023 world geothermal conference will be a high-level and characteristic geothermal conference. First, hold a high-level event. Provide global geothermal experts and scholars with a high-level world geothermal conference through high-level academic reports, commercial exhibitions, venues and facilities, organizational work, cultural activities, volunteer team services and other organizational services. Second, display Chinese characteristics. Through high-level academic exchanges, we will show the huge development and utilization potential and cooperation opportunities of geothermal energy in China. Through non-technical and social cultural activities, the 5000 year long history and splendid culture of the Chinese nation will be displayed, so that the participants can fully reflect the strong Chinese charm and Chinese characteristics, leave an impressive historical and cultural experience for the participants, and make the 2023 world geothermal conference the best window to understand and experience Chinese history, culture and natural scenery.