One-year Countdown of 2023 World Geothermal Congress Begins in the first Plenary Session of WGC2023 Organizing Committee

WGC Organizing Committee is stepping up the preparations of WGC2023 with key assignments ahead arranged as the first plenary session of WGC2023 OC and the one-year countdown ceremony successfully held in Beijing on 16th April.

Mr. Zhang Jianhua, administrator of National Energy Administration of China attended and gave speech at the Meeting. Mr. Ma Yongsheng, Chairman of Sinopec Group and honorary president of WGC2023 OC attended and addressed the meeting. Mr. Liu Hongbin, senior VP and president of WGC2023 OC presided over and addressed the meeting. Ms. Andy Blair, president of IGA addressed the meeting via prerecorded video. Mr.Dang Liqiang, president of Sinopec Star, deputy head and secretary general of Steering Committee of China National Geothermal Energy Center introduced the progress of the WGC2023 preparations. Mr. Liu Shiliang, Mr. Han Zhiguo and Mr. Guo Dianbin, as leaders from Sinopec Star, Mr. Zhang Zhaoping, high-lever senior specialist and deputy head of CNGEC Technical Committee attended the meeting.


Mr. Zhang Jianhua pointed out that as the inherent requirement of pursuing a new development philosophy, fostering a new development paradigm and achieving high-quality development, achieving carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality is a major strategic plan made by the CPC Central Committee taking a big-picture view of both domestic and international situations. Being a new energy with abundant reserves, wide distribution, stability and reliability, geothermal energy has a greater role to play as vigorously promoting its development and utilization has been considered as an important part of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality and building a green, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. The WGC is an important platform for the exchange of the latest achievements and progress in the global geothermal community. As this conference has entered the one-year countdown, the OC and all relevant sides should take into account of the overall requirement and bring about a successful Congress by strengthening implementation and service and fully demonstrate China's initiative to assume the responsibility as major country and the mission of building a community with a shared future for mankind. 


Mr. Ma Yongsheng put forward that it’s a great privilege for Sinopec to host the 7th World Geothermal Congress. We will fully support the OC to host a Congress with Chinese characteristics and world level by adhering to the green, safe and clean concept, so as to contribute to the geothermal power of China to achieve China’s dual carbon targets and the high-quality development of the global geothermal industry. We will take a comprehensive perspective and spare no efforts to vigorously carrying forward the spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics and making full use of the successful experience of serving Beijing Winter Olympics to step up our preparations. We will make every effort to allow more people to understand, focus on and support the development of geothermal industry and will show the world the majestic development momentum of China's geothermal industry. As one of the backbone enterprises in China's geothermal industry, Sinopec has built over one million square meters of heating capacity in 22 counties(cities), with a cumulative heating capacity exceeding 80 million square meters. In the future, Sinopec will continue to strengthen, improve and expand its geothermal business, explore a large-scale and profitable development to share a bright geothermal future with international geothermal circle. 


Mr. Li Jinfa said that against the backdrop of the fact that the China's geothermal industry is pursuing a development of scale and profit, hosting WGC will surely promote the exchange and progress of China's geothermal energy technology and push forward the high-quality development of geothermal industry. We will fully support and actively participate in the preparations of WGC, tap potentials of our expert resources, and contribute to WGC2023.


Mr. Liu Hongbin, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, expressed that as the preparation for WGC2023 has entered a critical period of full sprint, the OC will focus on improving the quality of scientific research and innovation, increasing media coverage of preliminary events of WGC2023 through overall coordination and mobilization, and strive to make WGC2023 a grand event with high technical content, wide participation and Chinese characteristics. 


Ms. Andy Blair said that utilizing geothermal resources, both heating and power, offers the world a sustainable energy solution that is kind to the environment and to people. China achieving its ambitious goals for geothermal would not only be great for China, but would have a positive impact on the whole planet. We gratefully acknowledge our event hosts the Organizing Committee, and with the support of Sinopec, World Geothermal Congress 2023 is sure to be successful!


Mr. Dang Liqiang said that Sinopec Star will fulfill its preparation assignments as required by work breakdown of WGC2023 OC including modifying the overall plan, organizing the warm-up events of the WGC2023, compiling the keynote speeches, collecting suggestions on the field trips routes, assisting in the review of technical papers, and carrying out publicity activities, so as to contribute to the success of the conference with Chinese characteristics and world level.


Mr. Zhang Jianhua presented certificates to members of WGC2023 Organizing Committee and heads of special working groups after the meeting announced the sub-groups and personnel in WGC2023 Organizing Committee.

The World Geothermal Congress, initiated by the International Geothermal Association, is an important platform for political, industrial, academic and research exchanges in the global geothermal community. In 2019, the WGC2023 Host Consortium consisting of National Geothermal Energy Centre Of China (CNGEC), Geothermal Professional Committee of China Geological Society, Geothermal Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society (GCES), Geothermal Development Management Professional Committee of China and Mining Association, Geothermal Professional Committee of China Geological Society won the bidding for the 7th World Geothermal Congress in 2023 on behalf of China. The conference will be held in Beijing on April 17th, 2023.