World Geothermal Congress 2023 to be "zero-carbon"

On August 15, that is the first “National Ecology Day”, and also one month before WGC2023, it is announced that a carbon neutral project would be introduced to WGC2023, through innovative solutions such as carbon asset purchase, to neutralize greenhouse gas emission generated by WGC2023 and achieve “zero-carbon”.


Adhere to “low-carbon”, and practice the theme of “Green Geothermal Clean Earth”. During WGC2023, hydrogen-powered vehicles will be used in shuttle service; In terms of catering service, degradable plastic bags and lunch boxes will be fully used, and the number of participants will be accurately counted to avoid waste; As for supplies, the environmentally-friendly paper will be utilized, and the use of paper will be reduced at source by means of small-program registration and check-in, and paperless office system. Meanwhile, participants were encouraged to take public transport, participate in “Clear Your Plate” campaign, and engage in the practice of energy saving and carbon reduction, promoting the green and low-carbon lifestyle to public.


To achieve “zero-carbon” with “post-congress neutralization” as the guide. WGC2023 Organizing Commitee entrusted Sinopec Carbon Industry Technology Co., Ltd. to design emission reduction measures according to the actual situation in the preparatory, holding and closing stages of WGC2023 in accordance with the requirements of PAS 2060-2014 carbon neutral demonstration specification, and calculate the greenhouse gas emission generated by WGC2023 according to certain emission factors and accounting methods. Offset the actual greenhouse gas emission produced by WGC2023 after it, such as carbon credit purchase.

WGC2023 will be held from 15 to 17 September at China National Convention Center, focusing on the trend of global geothermal industry development, with a number of technical events themed on geothermal country reports, market development, cutting-edge technologies, green finance, policies and regulations, and sustainable development. During this congress, WGC2023 and Geothermal Energy Development Technology and Equipment Exhibition, as well as a number of signing and brand release activities will be held at the same time, to promote the high-quality development of geothermal industry, assisting global energy transformation and jointly safeguarding the “Green Earth”.

WGC2023, organized by International Geothermal Association (IGA) and hosted by Sinopec Group, is hosted by China for the first time, which is known as the “Geothermal Olympics”. The first World Geothermal Congress was held in Florence, Italy in 1995, and has been held in Florence, Morioka, Antalya, Bali, Auckland, Reykjavik. The investment work of WGC2023 is currently in progress, you can visit the official website to consult and register.