WGC2023 OC-IGA held the 10th joint meeting in Beijing

On August 28, WGC2023 OC-IGA SC 10th Joint Meeting was held in Beijing. Guo Xusheng, Deputy Chair of WGC2023 OC, Chair of CNGEC Technology Committee, Deputy Chief Geologist of Sinopec Corp., Academician of CAE Member chaired the meeting and spoke. IGA President Sylvain Broglé, IGA CEO Marit BROMMER, IGA COO Gregor RUMBERG attended the meeting. Liu Jiurong, WGC2023 OC Member and IGA Broad member, Deputy Director of the Geothermal Committee of China Energy Research Society, and Dang Liqiang, member of WGC2023 OC, President and Managing Director of SINOPEC Star, and Yu Yuan, member of WGC2023 OC, and the leaders of WGC2023 OC special working groups also attended the meeting. Han Zhiguo, Deputy head of the Comprehensive coordination team and the Press and publicity team of the WGC2023 OC, Vice President of Sinopec Star reported the progress of WGC2023 preparation work in representation of WGC2023 OC. The attendants communicated further on detailed meeting arrangement, exhibition and poster matters, etc.


Guo Xusheng pointed out that it is the crucial home stretch of the meeting preparation. He hopes that WGC2023 OC special working groups will enhance the sense of responsibility, the sense of mission and the sense of urgency, manage the preparation work with strict standards and active attitude, perfectly perform the duty of the host country, and make WGC2023 a splendid, green, sharing, honest geothermal meeting. Meantime he called on all participating associations to contribute jointly to the fulfillment of the host country duty.


Sylvain Broglé highly appreciated the work by WGC2023 OC and the efficient way of solving problems face to face by China. He expressed that the whole geothermal industry is expecting WGC2023 to be a success.


Before the joint meeting, IGA representatives visited China National Convention Center where WGC2023 will be held.