WGC2023 Notification (No.2)

Distinguished WGC2023 guests and participants, please be noted that: WGC2023 will start on-site registration on 14 September in China National Convention Center, Beijing and is scheduled to be held from 15 to 17 September 2023. .

The details are as follows:

①18:00, 14 September (Thursday): Welcome Dinner;

②9:00, 15 September(Friday):Opening Ceremony

14:00, 15 September(Friday):Global Geothermal Collaboration Forum;

③08:15, 16 September(Saturday):China - Iceland Geothermal Technology Exchange Forum;

④14:45, 17 September(Sunday)IGA Standard Release and the Closing Ceremony;

⑤From 13:30, 15 September to 17 15:30 September, Technical Programs, Posters, Geothermal Youth Forum and Partnership Events. Please refer to the website(https://www.wgc2023.com/)for more details.

Please be formally dressed during welcome dinner and formal meetings.




WGC2023 Organizing Committee

September 10th, 2023